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Mixing It Up | Paint You Pet Photo Information

Mixing It Up | Paint your Pet Photo Information

We are so excited to guide you in creating your furbaby masterpiece! just a note we are happy to sketch up any animal of your choice. If you wanted to have a picture of a Zebra or Giraffe we can do that as well. Just send on through a picture you have found and like.

 Some notes about the event:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. Your pet’s photo will be on the easel/canvas where you will be sitting.  
  • Please email us if you have purchased a single ticket but would like to sit a friend who as also bought a ticket.
  •  Photos DUE 1 week prior to the event.  We need time to prepare the canvas for the event. Sketching all those fur babies is hard work!

 Your email should contain:

 Notes on background colour choice: 

If your pet is dark you would probably want to choose a lighter colour for the background. All colours can be made lighter with white. Think about the colours of your home and what would suit your pet. (Try to make your background a different colour from your pet. Otherwise they may just disappear into the background.) Neutral colours and be really nice if you are unsure of a colour choice.

Notes on Photo choice: 

  • Pick a clear detailed (not blurry) image of your pet’s head and eyes 
  • Try to take the picture in natural light such as from a window or outdoors as we can get create a more accurate paint palette for your pet
  • Well lit eyes that can be seen and are looking into the camera make excellent portraits. Please if you have a particularly fur pet if you could move the hair from their eyes before taking the pictures it will make for a much much MUCH better sketch and painting. 
  • One pet per picture  
  •  Make sure there are no shadows over the face/body
  •  It is best if you can take a picture at the same level as your pet. (so if you can don’t look down at them when taking the picture) Think MUG SHOT.
  •  Does your pet have dark fur? You will want to make sure there are nice reflections or sheen on the animal’s fur
  •  We will sketch the picture onto the canvas & have it ready for class
  •  You will use the picture as a guide along with your tutors instructions


NO: 👎😟The cat’s mouth open and not being able to see the eyes will make this a difficult painting. Also best if you can have just head shots 

YES: 😀👍This is great! Frontal facing, taken at the same level as the dog and nice clear shadows and markings. Perfect MUG SHOT!

Your email should contain:

 -2-3 photos 

 -colour you would like your background to be


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