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Fundraising is with Mixing It Up a unique way to raise money. 

Tired of the same old school and community fundraising events? Trivia night ticket sales low and slow? Found a limit to the number of chocolate bars people will buy and sell?

Fundraising is no easy task at the best of times, so it's time to mix things up and get the dollars rolling in! A Mixing It Up Paint-it-Forward Fundraiser is an entertaining and memorable way to raise money for your school, church, club or organisation. 

Best of all, flexible times, locations, painting options and knowledgeable artists make planning your event simple and stress-free.

Simple & Stressfree

Each fundraising event is a two hour session where canvases, paint, brushes, qualified art tutor and step by step guidance is all provided.

You set the ticket price, decide on refreshments to sell and choose the venue; or we can help you book a restaurant or cafe chosen for their great vibe and delicious food and drink.

Paintings created can be themed to align with the fundraising goal, and you can make Paint-it-Forward part of a larger event. We even provide marketing materials, and tickets are sold straight from the Mixing it Up website. Too easy!

Sound Good?

All we need is eight weeks advance notice and the purchase of 2 non-refundable tickets that can be used at one of our public painting events if your Paint-it-Forward is cancelled.  An average fundraising event with thirty participants can earn your organisation over $400!

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