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Creative team building ups productivity among office staff

Why Creative Team Building Can Up Your Office Productivity

Creative team building ups productivity among office staff

Creative team building ups productivity among office staff

Uh-oh, have you been tasked with planning the next team building exercise at your office? Has panic begun to set in? You want something fun and cool, and definitely not something lame. Team building can be so cheesy. The whole department confined into the same room for a few hours, forced to do an activity that inevitably turns into a competition.

Well, what if we told you that we have a fun, relaxing solution to your planning problems? That we have a creative activity where no one ‘wins’, and everyone walks away feeling accomplished – regardless of their age, gender or physical ability. Why not try a Mixing It Up Painting Party for your next team building event?


Why Creativity Helps Your Team…

1: Working Without Boundaries

A creative activity like painting can encourage your team to work without boundaries. That does not mean breaking the rules, but it means innovative ideas. Who knows where the next big idea will come from, but it won’t appear from an attitude of ‘this is the way to do it because it is how we have always done it’. Innovation can mean great progression.

2: Tackles Bigger Problem

Being more productive does not only mean performing your daily tasks quicker. It should mean, finding the best and most efficient way to reach the end objective. So if that means changing processes, or fixing big issues – do it if it will mean good things for your business.

3: They Are Not a Number

Allowing your team to voice their ideas will show them that you value their opinion and their dedication. Where are those ideas going to come from if you don’t foster creativity? Something as simple as allowing your team to change their workspaces around can get the creative juices flowing.

4: Get Them Emotionally Invested

Performing tasks because you have to becomes very boring, very quickly. However, taking ownership of your idea and seeing it come to life is so much easier than taking ownership of a mundane to-do list. If your team are passionate about their ideas, they will be more invested in bringing them to life.

5: Removes The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure can cripple a creative environment and prevent the flow of ideas. This, in turn, harms your productivity. By giving your team the freedom to fail when chasing a new and innovative idea, they will not be hamstrung by fear in their work. If something doesn’t work, it is an opportunity to learn and improve!


Why Your Team Needs a Mixing It Up Painting Party

Picture this: Your whole team at their own easels, following the guidance of a fun and engaging painting instructor, creating a masterpiece to decorate the office walls. There is fun, there is comradery, there is no sense of competition, but there are alcoholic beverages if you so choose!

Don’t just tell them that creativity is valued in the workplace, show them. This feel-good activity can lead the way for creative innovation at your next team building event.

Or maybe you have an upcoming conference? We can offer a fun solution for break-out sessions at day-long conferences when the group’s energy needs to be boosted. If you are holding an international conference, then let your foreign attendees create their own piece of kiwiana artwork to take home with them.


If you are interested in knowing more about how you can team build with us, then check out our website or Facebook page.

  • 23/01/2018


Paint Nite Auckland

We are excited to announce that we are ready to launch Mixing It Up Painting Events!


After months of preparation our first event is scheduled for Saturday, January 28th.


We are excited to be partnering with Everybodys on Fort Lane. Hidden away in the Imperial Building of Auckland’s CBD, Everybody’s takes its name from the 100 year-old theatre the space once housed. With a large open-air courtyard and a split-level space offering multiple options for drinking and dining, there’s something for everyone.


The event starts at 4 and we suggest arriving a little early to grab seats.


Your enthusiasm and all your mates! We provide all the painting supplies as we guide you through your creation.

  • 02/01/2017

Adult Art Classes Aren’t For Me!

Auckland event

A Unique Twist on Adult Art Classes

"I'm just not creative."

Find yourself admiring those with artistic abilities? Think adult art classes aren't for you? We have spoken to many people who are adamant that they, "don't have a creative bone" in their body. To this we say, "PERFECT!"

Our painting events aren't so much about turning you into the next Van Gogh. Rather we hope to offer you a new experience. One that you can share with your friends.Picture yourself with a paintbrush in one hand a drink in the other. We offer you and your friends a 2 hour guided painting experience. Just bring along your enthusiasm and we take care of the rest. Our venues are hand selected to provide an atmosphere that allows creative juices to flow, along with the cocktails or wine!

Come and have a great night out with Mixing It Up. Surround yourself with friends and be prepared to make new ones. Lose yourselves in colour and conversation and take your masterpiece home.

  • 02/01/2017