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How to Throw a Great Hen Party

Buckle yourselves in ladies, we just said the two magic words… Hen Party! The two words that strike fear into the hearts of unsuspecting men at bars. The two words that guarantee you are going to have a great time, regardless of who you know at the event, or who the participants are. There is something magical about the infectious fun that a Hen Party brings. So here are our tips for making your Auckland Hen Party exceptional.   The Rules When organising a Hen Party, there are a few rules that you have to follow to make sure it is a fun night for everyone. Here are our top 5 rules to follow…

  1. Have a Plan: Have a loose plan for where you are going to go and what you are going to do. Book ahead of time for any activities that require tickets or bookings. Auckland is a busy city and you don’t want to miss out and disappoint the bride to be.
  2. Be appropriate: Be respectful of your guests. Just because it is a Hen Party does not mean there needs to be male nudity if it will make the bride, or her key guests uncomfortable. However, if your group loves to be a bit adventurous read on to see some unique ideas available in Auckland.
  3. Have a budget: Make sure that the guests can afford to attend, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount to have a good time. Often having a global ticket that includes food, drink and an experience can save money and make things simpler.
  4. Section it: You can divide the party into sections depending on who the bride wants to invite. Maybe afternoon tea with the more conservative family, then the rest can carry on to party time. If you can try to work around one area of Auckland you will also save the hassle of getting stuck in traffic. See if some experiences can come to you to save time and stress. This allows you to let your hair down with out concerning yourself with getting to the next place.
  5. Pre-warn the guests: Give the guests plenty of notice on when the party is, what it will cost and what is involved. Then they have time to save money, get babysitters, book travel or make any other arrangements. This also allows the business you are working with to plan an extraordinary event that ticks all the boxes.

  The Activities Fancy Shmancy Ideas

  • Vineyard Lunch: put on your posh frocks, and sip glasses of wine in a gorgeous setting
  • High Tea: delicious treats, gorgeous teas and real napkins at a high-class venue
  • Night at a fancy hotel: think chocolates on the pillows and crisp white linen that you don’t have to wash yourself!
  • Platter Party: what could be better than sampling a mix of everyone’s favourites?
  • Pamper Party: go to a spa for the day, or have the spa come to you with a mobile pamper option

  Laid Back Ideas

  • Dress Up Photo Shoot: Think feather boas, photo props, and whatever costumes you want to cobble together… fun! Ensure that you have someone taking photos of your experiences so you won’t forget the day.
  • Paintballing: who says it is just for the boys!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Go on a hunt through the city for landmarks, you could even split into teams and race.
  • Dance Classes: Swing, Rock n Roll, Pole or Salsa dance classes are all packed full of active fun.

Interested In Doing a Mix of Fancy and Laid Back?

Wanting to throw an upscale event that is simple and easy to plan but ensures the guests have an amazing time? An Auckland Mixing It Up Wine and Paint Party is just what you are looking for!

Mixing It Up Painting Parties  are a great way to start the night’s fun, or as the main event. Great laughs, creative artwork, and even wine! If you think that a Mixing It Up Wine and Painting Party sounds like the perfect entertainment for your Hen Party, then you would be right! Suitable for the whole party, we can cater for the older generation if Nana is attending, or the younger cousins and siblings also. If it is just the hens, and you want something a bit more risqué, then we can even call in our nude model! You can sketch, paint and paint on the model for the more adventurous in the group. We can come to you, or we can also help you arrange a suitable venue. We offer a super fun and creative alternative for hen party entertainment. With flexible times, locations, and content, our painting parties will help Great Aunt Edna, the raucous bridesmaids, or the reluctant friend feel comfortable and accomplished after a 2-hour guided painting stint, fuelled by alcoholic beverages! For more info or to make a booking, get in touch with us today through our website, or through Facebook .

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