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Let's Talk About Us

First off we love love love what we do. Going out and sharing our passion gives us the warm and fuzzies. This is aided of course by a glass of wine or two.

Secondly seeing friends come together laughing and connecting in a real old fashioned way is amazing. Our events make it a bit hard to be caught up on your phone. Especially, when you have a drink in one hand and a paint brush in the other.

Finally watching people state that they are not artsy at the start of the night and then sharing in their joy when they finish their masterpiece is what makes it all worth it.


I’m Laurie and I love creating. Decorating, food, gardening, sewing, drawing, painting and my greatest creation my daughter.

After having kids my creative time became making meals my little one would eat. My socialising became mummy groups and commenting on Facebook posts. I wanted at place for people to make time for themselves while trying something new.

I’m hoping Mixing it up will make it easy to book a night out with friends to reconnect. Nothing is better than a fun relaxing night out to recharge your batteries.

Cassandra Joy

I’m Cassandra and I’m passionate about creating memories. Firstly I believe it’s important to live in the now. Follow your dreams. Do the things that fill you with happiness.

Therefore I hope that Mixing it up will gift many people with a moment in time. Something that will become a treasured memory.

Hopefully they challenged themselves, pushing through their fear and creating a masterpiece. Also that they laughed and connected with their friends or loved ones. Finally that they go on to recall the amazing sense of achievement and joy that this experience has given them.

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